The Gav-Yam Raanana Business Center is currently located in the most coveted complex in Raanana’s northern industrial area (company’s share: 69.5%) and is the result of a collaboration with the Shufersal Real Estate Company. Drawing on 90 years of business experience, Gav-Yam has created one of the most significant, unique projects to be built in the Sharon region in recent years. Every aspect of the stunning Gav-Yam Park will be managed according to the highest standards associated with Gav-Yam’s office parks. It will be built following the exacting and impressive design of the architectural firm of Professor Moshe Tzur with additional breathtaking landscape architecture by TeMA Urban Landscape Design headed by Lital Szmuk.

Zarhin Street, Raanana

Stage A - approx.
58,000 sq. m (company`s share - approx.
40,000 sq. m)

Close to major highways

Prof. Moshe Tzur