Investor Relations 

Gav-Yam Land Corporation Ltd. is one of Israel’s largest,  longest established real estate companies. 

The company specializes in the initiation, planning, development, construction, leasing, maintenance, and management of hi-tech, logistics, and industrial parks and centers nationwide, as well as in the construction of dedicated complexes planned for long-term leasing. Through a wholly owned subsidiary, Gav-Yam also provides a variety of maintenance management services to tenants throughout the leasing period.

Gav-Yam was founded in 1928, and has been listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange since 1978. Today, the company’s shares are included among the leading indices of real estate (Tel-Bond 60) and large companies (TA-125). In addition, the company’s debentures are rated AA by S&P Maalot and Aa2 by Midroog.

Gav-Yam is always looking towards the future and setting new goals to consolidate its position at the forefront of Israel’s business world and real estate market. The company takes strategic initiatives, exploring new opportunities, and providing quick responses to the changes and trends in the real estate market. 

Gav-Yam continues to reinforce its position as an Israeli leader in the sophisticated construction of tailor-made buildings for long-term leasing, placing customer needs as the highest priority.  

Gav-Yam constantly explores new areas for development and the improvement of existing sites in prime locations, and works to pursue every new construction avenue.

The company has received the new Dun’s 100 Standard of Achievement, marking its appearance in the rating of the leading companies for 2020.

Inclusion in the Dun’s 100 is testimony of belonging to the group of the leading, most successful companies in Israel, and is the stamp of quality for the company and its management. This is the proof of strength, leadership and excellence.

Gav-Yam is proud to have been awarded the new Dun’s 100 “Standard of Achievement,” marking its inclusion among the leading companies for 2020.

Being ranked among the elite Dun’s 100 not only shows that Gav-Yam belongs to an exclusive group of prominent, successful Israeli businesses, but also testifies to the outstanding quality of the company and its management. This stands as proof of the way Gav-Yam continues to exemplify stability, leadership, and excellence.