Gav-Yam in the media

Gav Yam Issued ~2B NIS in debt in 2020

In preparation for the crisis, whose end is unknown, Gav Yam obtained mountains of cash. In 2020, Gav Yam and the Matam subsidiary raised ~2B NIS in debt. The company noted that the high demands for the three issuance reflect the capital market’s vote of confidence in the quality of its assets and business strategy.

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Gav Yam reports growth in Q3 despite Corona

In the first 9 months of the year, revenues increased by 6.6% to 401 M NIS * Due to Corona’s impact on the decline in commercial real estate operations, the company forgave 7M NIS in rental fees in the first nine months | By Omri Cohen

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Alive and kicking, offices: 2.4% increase in Gav Yam rental income

The company’s rental income on identical properties grew to 128M NIS in Q3; Operating profitability was impaired by the decline in the CPI and tax payments and, respectively, declined by 3.3% to 59M NIS; CEO Avi Jacobovitz: “The current situation in which some of the employees work from home is not permanent and it will not nullify the need for the real thing – work at the office”

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