About Gav-Yam

Gav-Yam is one of Israel’s largest and longest established real estate companies.

The company specializes in the initiation, planning, construction, and management of hi-tech parks, industrial and commercial parks, offices, logistics centers, and residential neighborhoods. Gav-Yam was founded as a public company in 1928 by the Israel Economic Corporation (formerly PEC) with the goal of developing industrial infrastructure. Since its inception over 90 years ago until today, the Gav-Yam has been part of Israel’s economic growth through its participation in a wide range of projects and the construction of income-producing properties throughout the country. Gav-Yam has been listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange since 1978.​


Gav-Yam aims to lead the top of the market segment in the income producing real estate sector, by maintaining unparalleled standards of professionalism, quality, and reliability. Gav-Yam’s goal is to expand its business operations by consolidating its position as a real estate developer of income-producing properties and as a professional authority on building innovative, efficient, and profitable projects.

Looking Ahead

Gav-Yam is always looking towards the future and setting new goals to consolidate its position at the forefront of Israel’s business world and the real estate market. The company takes strategic initiatives, exploring new opportunities, and providing quick responses to the changes and trends in the real estate market. Gav-Yam continues to reinforce its position as an Israeli leader in the sophisticated construction of tailor-made buildings for long-term leasing, with customer needs the top priority. Gav-Yam constantly explores new areas for development and the improvement of existing sites in prime locations in Israel, and pursues new construction avenues.

Areas of Activity 

Gav-Yam is committed to creating the ideal work environment in its hi-tech and industrial parks, which enjoy prime locations notable for, among other features, their proximity to main traffic arteries and strategic industrial centers. The company provides management and maintenance services in its parks, according to the various client needs, ranging from air conditioning, security, and landscaping, to daycare, post offices, and medical clinics. The same comprehensive and inclusive approach which the company uses to create a perfect environment, is also reflected in the design and construction of its residential areas: in developing the neighborhood’s infrastructure, creating expansive green parks, kindergartens, schools, and shopping centers, all while delivering a particularly high standard of construction, maintaining meticulous adherence to schedules, handing over apartments on time, and assisting buyers even after they have moved in.